Only took me four months to get my act together and post a video and a blog post! Now I call that progress! This year I will try my best to post more frequently. There are a lot of things going on with the house, the camper and (because we don’t have enough projects going on right now) Greg’s garage!

If you want to hear me ramble on about our progress, check out the video:

Now if you want to look at pretty pictures then let’s get started!

First up is the dinette area! This area is so comfy to hang out in and relax. The table worked out pretty fabulously. I just need to actually get around to sealing it.


I did take a peek at the original fabric and to my dismay it’s starting to fall apart. We are assuming our camper is early 80’s so it’s had a pretty good run. Now I need to think about fabrics! I ain’t mad.


Also I can’t forget about Greg’s party lights. Now here’s the backstory to the lights. I try not to let Greg go into the Lowe’s  for the same reason that he doesn’t let me go into Goodwill/Antique Stores/ Clothing Retailers/ Basically any store on my own. Left to our own devices we come home with random unnecessary things, case in point, LED Party lights. Now Greg purchased these with the intent of installing these as my under cabinet lights and after he lost that battle He tried to put them everywhere in our house. Bathroom, behind the TV, and finally it settled into it’s probably permanent home in the camper.

Confession time: I actually love them in the camper. Just don’t tell Greg. He never reads the blog.

But let’s move on to the sleeping area. This is where the huge difference between before and after will be. Here’s a walk down memory lane of what it looked like below:tc2.jpg

So what we replaced the ceiling with the first time got wet and we had mold (again). Since that happened we replaced everything and decided to go with this paneling that had a rustic look to it. It saved us time and some weight on using real reclaimed wood.

_mg_4275_mg_4277So we need to get a frame for the window since it is a new window the old one is not going to fit but it’s still functional just not pretty.

Now the kitchen we just cleaned up a bit. I used Bar Keeper’s Friend which I heard is pretty amazing. However, this junk is strong so make sure you are in well ventilated area but it did get the job done with minimal effort from me. I call that winning.


If you have any suggestions for the camper or ideas for what kind of videos you want too see, leave us a comment below. Don’t forget to head over to our youTube channel and subscribe to stay up to date on all the shenanigans we are up to.

And remember….Stay Curious!


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