This year I’ve decide to read a new book every month. I use to enjoy reading so much and some of my favorite memories are with my mother visiting the library. Hopefully this will get me back into the swing of things.

call-the-midwife-jennifer-worth.jpeg I have been a huge fan of Call the Midwife ever since it began airing on PBS. The strength portrayed by the female cast is awe inspiring. Media now a days seems to capitalize on women beating each other down, the show and Jennifer Worth’s first novel by the same name reminds us of a time when during a woman’s most vulnerable moment, she could depend on a team of midwives to see her through it.

Based in the rough and tumble east end of London, Jennifer Worth recalls the most touching stories that shaped her career as a nurse and midwife. There were stories which made me smile and those that broke my heart. Along with their midwifery, Worth also shares the stories from her district practice days and the impact poverty, as well as the shadows of the Work house days, impacted the residents of Poplar.

Since reading her memoirs, I have a new found appreciation for Midwives and labor. To have a peak into the difficulties our grandmothers and mothers have gone through gives me the opportunity to appreciate the life I now lead.

If you would like a peek to see if you would be interested, Netflix now has the entire series available for streaming.

Also if you are interested, there is a great article on the nuns featured in Worth’s memoirs.


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